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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 07, 2012 4:52 am

Hello fellow members of Anime & Manga Zone! First of all, if it is your first time here WELCOME to the forum!!

Just like any other forum, we would appreciate it if you can help contribute to the forum by abiding by the rules and create a nice and friendly environment that everyone can enjoy. Everyone wants to be treated fairly. We wish for everyone to get along and have interesting conversations with one another!

No Flaming: This means that any and all insults/profanity will result in an infraction. Enough infractions will warrant a ban.
Fighting with other users is also considered "Flaming." Not everyone will agree with what you say so deal with it. Arguing will only hurt your reasoning. Counter-Flaming is also worth of infraction, flaming is flaming no matter the circumstance. Report functions exist, and we expect you to use them.

No Trolling: Attempting to either divert a thread from its original topic, baiting a fellow forum user into flaming you(Possibly resulting in his/her ban) and purposely failing to positively contribute to a thread are all considered "Trolling" If you are caught Trolling you will be Infracted. Examples of Trolling are "This thread is retarded You're a *******

And so on an so forth.
If you encounter a troll, flaming it will only result in a infraction for you. Simply report the post, or PM a Moderator so that they can deal with it. This will help keep the forum issue free and make your stay here that much more enjoyable.

No Spamming: If you are caught spamming you will be given a verbal warning. If done repeatedly, infracted. Examples of spam are "lolwut?" or "crap thread." A joke may happen once or twice but do not over do it. Keep in mind that you may NOT double, triple, or quadruple post.
Keep in Mind that you may not be infracted at first, but if you continue to "Spam" an infraction will ensue. Users may report spam if they see it. If you do believe that you have been given an unjust infractions or have witnessed a misuse of power among the moderators, feel free to tell the staff and we will look into their usage of power. You may contact Marcus, but is preferred that you contact a mod.
Only time spamming is allowed is in off topic (OT) feel free to spam/flame in OT games etc...

Advertising is also ok, but make sure that you are not harassing people from other forums. They would feel attacked if you nag them to join. It is best to ask people who you usually talk to on other forums to join.
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Forum Rules
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