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 BG Rules and Purpose.

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BG Rules and Purpose. Empty
PostSubject: BG Rules and Purpose.   BG Rules and Purpose. I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 12:34 pm

These rules are in addition to the forum rules already set into place and will be monitored by all of the moderators of this section along with the forum Administrators and Global Moderators. Please take into consideration what you are typing when you are typing it, as I will be seldom idle with the banning in this section.

General Behavior Rules

No Flaming:
This means that any and all insults/profanity will result in an infraction. Enough infractions will warrant a ban. Even more so than in other sections of the forums. Fighting with other users is also considered "Flaming." Not everyone will agree with what you say so deal with it. Arguing will only hurt your reasoning. Counter-Flaming is also worth of infraction, flaming is flaming no matter the circumstance.

The reputation and report functions exist, and we expect you to use them. The ignore list is also a viable option.

No Trolling:
Attempting to either divert a thread from its original topic, baiting a fellow forum user into flaming you(Possibly resulting in his/her ban) and purposely failing to positively contribute to a thread are all considered "Trolling" If you are caught Trolling you will be Infracted. Examples of Trolling are "This thread is retarded, You're a *******Faggot", "useless ass waste of a thread" And so on an so forth.

If you encounter a troll, flaming him will only result in a infraction for you. Simply report the post, or PM a Moderator of the Battlegrounds so that they can deal with it. This will help keep the Battlegrounds issue free and make your stay here that much more enjoyable.

No Spamming:
If you are caught spamming you will be given a verbal warning. If done repeatedly, infracted. Examples of spam are "lolwut?" or "crap thread."Keep in Mind that you may not be infracted at first, but if you continue to "Spam" an infraction will ensue. Users may report spam if they see it. If you do believe that you have been given an unjust infractions or have witnessed a misuse of power among the moderators, feel free to tell me and I will look into their usage of power. You may contact an Admin, however, I am the primary leader of this section.

No Spite Threads:
Spite Threads are where a user basicly makes the VS fight onesided removing a characters abilities to the point where they are virtually useless and put them up against a powered up character. Example: (Naruto vs Luffy with Luffy losing his devil fruit abilities can't use Haki and has no legs while, Naruto can perform all existing Ninjutsu, Genjutsu etc, has 9 lives and starts in RM mode.)

No Joke Threads
2 Joke threads per user is the limit. We don't want to have the BG filled with joke threads, honestly all that does is make the OP look like a joke and then the BG itself.
The Joke thread count will be reset every 45 days from the first joke thread a user created. If this rule is broken than you will be infracted, if done again even after said Infraction temporarily banned.

Purpose of the Debate Section

The purpose of the Debate Section is so that users may create there dream fights with or without certain restrictions.That means this is where your Luffy VS Ichigo threads go.

Valid criteria for arguments:

Users must give valid reasons as to why they think a character in a fight wins and must provide valid proof of said reasons. Proof can come from the Manga, Anime, Novel, Movie, book, or character statements from the Manga, or Author.
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BG Rules and Purpose.
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